INMOBILUX is a LUXURY real estate agency focused on special and luxury properties. We promote the best land, homes, apartments, corporate offices, commercial premises, warehouses and industrial buildings, in the best real estate developments in the world, through a very sophisticated marketing aimed at the high end market, offering a personalized and ethical service for clients with the highest purchasing power and corporate profiles.

Our international alliances allow us to have access to clients in the Elite segment (businessmen, financiers, artists, professional athletes, etc.) and promote the best properties, to put at their disposal real estate investment possibilities in exclusive and select real estate properties of great opportunity and potential for capital gains.

Our team is made up of professional advisors, who offer unique marketing tools for the promotion of top real estate properties: market intelligence, professional photography and video, adequate descriptions, digital strategy, legal services, tax advice, notaries, appraisers, mortgage brokers , etc. to provide a comprehensive service throughout the process of buying, selling, renting or operating real estate properties and developments.

We are REAL ESTATE INTEGRATORS of luxury projects and we operate brokerage offices where we represent properties and developments, with our own brand and that of the Developer, working as the commercial and marketing arm, joining your team from the beginning of the project to study the potential of each element within it, carrying out the benchmark and market analysis to define the appropriate target, commercial feasibility, maximize profitability and becoming the COMMERCIAL STRUCTURE of the Developer, by implementing volume marketing services to achieve the absorption objectives and thus ensure the return on investment.

If you are looking for a property as an equity investment or you have concerns about how to invest in real estate properties, we will represent you until you find the most convenient option based on your preferences, starting with a profound study in the areas of interest to evaluate the best options and to put at your disposal exclusive and select properties of great opportunity and added value potential.

We have a strategic alliance with Architect Ismael Leyva to design mixed urban projects in Mexico. With his office, Ismael Leyva Architects PC (ILA), specialized in architecture, interior design and urban planning, has designed more than 70 projects in New York City and some of the most spectacular buildings in the world.