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INMOBILUX has land lots for sale at TERRA TAINA, the first Wellness Living community in Querétaro, Mexico, with integrated eco-technology to live in a conscious and sustainable way. 

TERRA TAINA is located 8 minutes from the Antea shopping center. It has 6 hectares and only 58 privileged lots from 433 m2 to 733 m2 surrounded by nature and 10 trees per lot, with beautiful views, a 2,000 m2 lake, 1.5 km walkways with more than 500 trees and 15,000 m2 of amenities: cycling, jogging track, paddle tennis court, volleyball, chess, fire pits, pool, observatory, wellness room, culinary terrace, children's games, tree house, kite esplanade, open auditorium, waterfall, stream, swimming lake, temazcal, meditation island, hammock area, yoga pier, reading corner and acoustic van. 

TERRA TAINA will have more than 200 bird houses, gardens for pollinators, aromatic and medicinal plants, a common garden and a wood oven. The development will be completely fenced with a perimeter camera system, an electric fence and a surveillance booth at the entrance.

TERRA TAINA is a unique family complex in Querétaro Mexico, where more than 50% of the land is set aside for green areas overlooking the Peña Colorada mountains, and has a sustainability plan focused on LEED Certification and an ecological and sustainable project for houses of one or two levels with mandatory elements such as: Maximum height of 8m. restricted areas and boundaries, color code on facades, live fences up to 1.80m high, rainwater harvesting system, gray water cistern for irrigation, solar water heater, solar cells for electricity, etc.

Respect, knowledge and values are a fundamental part of the TERRA TAINA community that we are generating, which is why, in addition to identifying the areas and regulations of each of these, we seek that we all learn and honor the life that surrounds us. For this, we treasure the benefits of the trees, plants and animals that live in our project.

Queretaro, México is one of the most important and best preserved colonial cities in central Mexico. The Historic Center of Querétaro has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The industrial sector represents 40% of the GDP for the entire state, according to information from INEGI. With figures from 2019, Queretaro reached position 14 for the value of its GDP and stood out in 5th for its GDP per capita. It is a city with dynamic growth, wide avenues, a modern infrastructure, shopping centers and impressive industrial areas.

TERRA TAINA is a unique concept born from a dream that we have had for a long time. “Living in a conscious, respectful and harmonious way with everything and everyone”. We also know that this is the desire of many, but for different reasons, it has not yet been possible. For this reason, we have designed a very special place so that finally 58 families can live in our own paradise. A space that gives us beauty, inspiration, calm, security and a beautiful community for our loved ones.

Below we will talk about some of the benefits that TERRA TAINA will have:

Spaces: We have divided the spaces in TERRA TAINA honoring the four elements of nature. These elements sustain life as we know it.

Trees: More than 120 mature trees of endemic species to the area already inhabited the land and we fell in love with each one of them. In our construction project, all these beings will remain and have been respected. In addition, we have acquired 400 trees according to our plant palette of the region that adapt to the climatic conditions, rainfall and type of soil.

Monarch Butterfly: The Monarch butterfly is studied worldwide and recognized for the massive and spectacular migration it performs every year; they fly a distance of around 5,000 kilometers. In the spring the mating of the butterflies begins in Mexico and their return to the North in mid-March. For years we have counted on your magical visit to TERRA TAINA in our trees.

Birds: We love and care for animals, which is why at TERRA TAINA we are going to distribute more than 200 bird houses.

Gardens for Pollinators: Pollinators such as hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, bumblebees, among others, are essential in our environment. The ecological service they provide is necessary for the reproduction of more than 80% of flowering plants, including more than two-thirds of the world's crop species. In addition to this, pollinators are key species in most terrestrial ecosystems and in natural communities, more than 62% of plant species require pollination services. At TERRA TAINA all our gardens are designed to feed pollinators and thus contribute to them.

Apiary: Bees are the main pollinators of the planet and mostly responsible for biodiversity. More than 75% of the food we consume depends on their work, which is why it is said that without them food would disappear and so would we. At TERRA TAINA we will allocate a space in the common areas for the creation of an apiary where, in addition to producing honey, the bees will help us pollinate our orchards. For us it is extremely important to collaborate with the conservation of their species and to generate in our environment a culture of love, respect and care towards them.

Aromatic and medicinal plants: Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicinal assistance, where plants and herbal extracts are used for therapeutic purposes. We are aware of the benefits of herbal medicine, which is why at TERRA TAINA we allocate spaces for the growth of medicinal plants and herbs that the entire community can use.

Common Garden: Within the design of our condominium we have planned to develop a common garden in a space of the common areas for the production of food for the TERRA TAINA community, where we will all strengthen our ties taking care of the space, and harvesting free healthy foods of toxins and pesticides.

Garden: Gardens are spaces for growing vegetables, fruits, legumes, vegetables, aromatic plants or medicinal herbs. They have multiple benefits in addition to promoting coexistence, biodiversity and also integration with nature. At TERRA TAINA we are aligned with responsible consumption and we want to promote and generate a culture of food production; For this reason, we will provide each family with a box with seedlings of legumes, herbs and vegetables so that they can start their own urban garden upon delivery of each lot.

Community kitchen: At TERRA TAINA we will have a wood oven where culinary culture will be promoted and we will co-create pleasant moments as well as communicate and strengthen ties.

Reading Area: Reading is one of life's greatest pleasures. Reading allows us to live in other bodies, immerse ourselves in incredible stories and travel to other worlds with the use of our imagination (in addition to stimulating the proper functioning of the brain and promoting cognitive health). Reading and resting in a hammock under the shade of the trees and the sound of nature is a memorable and healing experience. At TERRA TAINA we will have a hammock area designed for reading, resting and internalizing.

Temazcal: The Temazcal is a representation of the womb of Mother Earth, a sacred space of re-connection with her. According to ancient traditions, the temazcal is a place of direct communication with the Spirit, where we purify ourselves through sweat, songs and prayer. At TERRA TAINA, honoring our ancestors, the land and life itself is a fundamental part of our purpose as a community, which is why we will have a Temazcal to remind us who we are, where we are and what legacy we want to leave to our lineage.

Meditation: Meditation is connecting with you; listen to you and recognize you; it is being present in the here and now, realizing that only this moment exists. That state of consciousness where your presence is absolute and where there is only room to be thankful for all the blessings of life, is powerful medicine for our mind, body, and heart. The practice of meditation allows us to test the void, relax and let go of the pressures of the system. At TERRA TAINA we want you to be able to live in complete harmony with yourself and those around you, that you can achieve the peace you desire so much, that is why we have designed docks in the lake area that are ideal for meditating, observing and feeling plenitude.

Yoga: Yoga is an ancient discipline that encompasses a whole philosophy and/or lifestyle, where through breathing, body postures and other techniques we strengthen and balance our body, mind and spirit. The TERRA TAINA community will have a wellness room where we want you to carry out multiple activities that promote the well-being of each one of us and our families.

Observatory: The main purpose of our existence is to learn and experiment. Much of the teachings of our life originate through observation and the conscious use of each of our senses. At TERRA TAINA we will have our own observatory, in order to continue learning and marveling at everything we do not yet understand and also, so that our children can be nourished by the magic of the Universe.

Children's games: The children's games at TERRA TAINA will promote the mobility, motor development and fun of the little ones; in a healthy way and in total connection and respect with nature. Everything will be built naturally.

Pool: TERRA TAINA will have a beautiful pool that will be in harmony with our surroundings. We are sure that there we will spend great moments both children and adults.

Walkways: TERRA TAINA has a lateral and central walkway of more than 1.5 km around the entire perimeter, designed so that you can move quickly and safely without walking on the roads. This gives more privacy, safety for minors and reduces noise, in addition to becoming a sports area to exercise either by walking or jogging under the shade of the trees.

Stellar blanket: TERRA TAINA is an exclusive development integrated into nature that is located in a privileged place, surrounded by mountains protected as an ecological reserve, which allow very little light pollution from the city to be able to observe the stellar hand. The lighting of TERRA TAINA was designed for the contemplation of the night sky and the stars, which is why all the lamps were placed at ground level, allowing us to become one with the stellar dome. In addition, consistent with our philosophy, all the luminaries will be 100% powered by solar panels.

Balance: When we say that each species lives in an ecosystem, it is because it is located in an area where there are interactions between living beings. Matter and energy can be exchanged through these interactions where there is an ecosystem that supports life as we know it. We have a magnificent location where we have taken advantage of the solar orientation in favor of the project. At TERRA TAINA we create a unique ecosystem where we will have a large lake that will serve us to relax, the planters will be beautiful and usable; We will have many trees that will shelter us, take care of the oxygen we breathe and will be home to hundreds of birds, bees, butterflies and squirrels.

These are just some of the reasons to live with us, but... We have many more to tell you about! Listen to your heart, it's time to change your life and live in this great community.

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