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Nature is present both exuberantly in the limits that surround the urban area and giving shape and in the form of essence to each of the corners that populate it, pure air is impregnated with the essence of nature and makes this place a privileged spot to live.

The small forests splash the urbanization and wherever you look there is a green area, a piece of nature where you can see, walk, relax and breathe deeply.

It forms part of the Corredor Verde La Fuente where you can discover natural areas of high natural, scenic, historical and cultural value, of special relevance and that constitute an important eco-cultural heritage of the municipality, with enclaves of native vegetation that conserve an important degree of naturalness, geomorphological systems, hydraulic channels and their corresponding protection bands, landscape units and other natural ecosystems of interest.

Due to the large natural areas, the unbeatable climate and the great facilities available to the complex, you can enjoy a diversity of activities.

There are the numerous sports facilities at your disposal that include tennis courts, paddle tennis, soccer and basketball courts where you can practice your favorite sports in the best conditions.

The community pool, the garden areas for picnics, the numerous children's areas, the bar or the restaurant are perfect to spend a day with your family accompanied by friends and other neighbors enjoying the common areas.

You will find sign posts along the urbanized routes and trails to walk or bike, where you can enjoy nature in its most pristine state and learn of the local flora and fauna from the observation points, as well as enjoy the views from the wonderful lookout.

Since its inauguration in 2010, the equestrian club has been positioning itself to be the standard in the region. With more than 20 years of horse racing tradition in teaching and competition and with the sports endorsement of riders, coaches and managers with extensive national and international equestrian trajectory, the complex is working for sports excellence. Thirteen hectares of pine forest have given place to the most modern and exclusive Equestrian Center of the Southeast of Spain, located within the urbanization.

The golf club is a magnificent 18-hole course designed by Dave Thomas, mainly characterized by its innovation in the use of water, which comes into play especially in holes 9 and 18. A great challenge for players of all levels. The field is located 2 km from  urbanization, located in a natural environment with more than 20,000 trees, whith olive, pine and carob trees, making it a unique natural mountain area.

This project is one of the best equipped areas of the whole region, all the advantages of a city and all the benefits of living in a natural place.

Security is an important element for all neighbors, so the neighborhood has monitored access and 24 hour private security. In addition, it has local police station in the area. Thanks to both, the crime rate is among the lowest in the region.

Public transport runs through the area frequently with a wide schedule. The area combines living in nature and being 10 minutes from the city downtown.

In the area you will have all the services at your disposal, not having to travel for it. Some of these services are:

• Clinic.

• Pharmacy.

• Veterinary clinic.

• Optical shop.

• Beauty salon.

• Banks.

• Church.

In the center of the area there's a private school, with privileged facilities and some highly qualified teachers that make it stand as one of the best schools at national level.

It also has the Public School "Concertado", one of the most modern and best equipped in the region. Both impart all basic education cycles from children to superiors.

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