In INMOBILUX you will find the best commercial premises for sale in Querétaro, Mexico. The best and most select stores to start a successful business in the area of ??highest purchasing power in Queretaro. In a growing and very popular area of ??Queretaro, the commercial premises have everything they need to be able to undertake whatever you need to carry out your business mainly because of the location it is in and the quality they have, not only would you be buying a commercial place in the best location in Mexico also of the best quality. By buying one of these commercial premises you may have the possibility of all the following options; From setting up a shop, restaurant, bar, clinic, office, etc. The commercial premises in Queretaro are the best option, located in the best possible area, attached to the best possible subdivisions and are the perfect opportunity to start a successful business, with ease and speed.

If you want to buy an exclusive commercial space in Querétaro, we have the best options in Queretaro, near the best shopping centers.

Our mission is to help you find the best option, based on your needs and preferences, always representing your interests to make the best equity investment and taking the entire process with absolute discretion.

We specialize in the sale of commercial premises in the luxury areas of Queretaro and we can help you find the best options in Querétaro, Mexico.

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Invest in the best commercial stores in Querétaro, located in the El Campanario subdivision, which is the best residential area of the mexican bajío. Benefit of the pre sale prices for your equity investment of great potential and added value. Call us for an appointment.

Benefit from the PRE-SALE of Shops in El Campanario, Querétaro of 1356.25 ft2. It is located in the best residential area of Querétaro. Close to shopping centers, schools and a spectacular view. We offer the highest exclusivity through our heliport and prestigious stores. Contact us for an appointment.

Miniatura Plaza San Diego

Presale of Shops and offices from $ 58,600 USD in Plaza San Diego, Querétaro, Mexico. An excellent patrimonial investment.

The Commercial Plaza has:

  • 400 parking spaces
  • Green areas
  • Elevator

GROUND FLOOR: 47 Spaces of 753.39 ft2 and 11 Spaces of 2690.91 ft2

FIRST FLOOR: 78 Spaces of 753.39 ft2 and 2 Offices

SECOND FLOOR: 8 Spaces of 753.39 ft2 and 2 Offices

THIRD FLOOR: 4 Offices

FIFTH FLOOR: 4 Offices

Shops and offices for sale and rent within the PLAZA ZIELO in Zibatá, Querétaro, Mexico. The plaza is strategically located at the entrance to Zibatá, next to the Discovery Center. It has 68 commercial shops and offices in modules of 548.91 ft2 to complete plants of 15370.86 ft2 in 4 levels. They have 180 parking spaces, with common areas conditioned and equipped with elevators and bathrooms in each level. Exclusivity of turns is respected.

Zibatá is one of the best residential areas of Querétaro and has had a capital gain of 12% per year on average. It has parks, streets, circuits and architecture based on the highest standards of quality with a unique design. The prestige firm Michael McKay is in charge of all the green areas and gardens that surround 100 Hectares for service and commerce areas, 85 hectares of golf course and lakes, 175 hectares of parks and green rings, more than 60 developments housing more than 8,000 families projected for 2019 with a estimated population of 16,750 (considering 2 inhabitants per household) and the Anahuac University with more than 6,000 students.

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